What's the Point?

by Sea Offs

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Sven B. Schreiber
Sven B. Schreiber thumbnail
Sven B. Schreiber Frankly, I like "Sea The Blind" more, but this album still is an outstanding one, once again providing exciting melodies and a hypnotizing dreamy melancholy. By the way, this one is from amigale's collection, too. Favorite track: The Pining.
Jess thumbnail
Jess Incredibly beautiful vocals...I can't wait for more! Favorite track: Unfound.
oustedrecords thumbnail
oustedrecords Fantastic. Polished, beautiful, layered, textured. Great vocals and writing.
nickkrause1 thumbnail
nickkrause1 This album is so beautiful! It is so wonderfully produced. Olivia and Rashmit sound amazing Favorite track: Strawberry.
Ralph Vighi da Rosa
Ralph Vighi da Rosa thumbnail
Ralph Vighi da Rosa Guys, your sound is amazing! Please keep making your music exacly this way for a long long time! It makes me feel alive.
You have a big fan in south of Brasil.

Ralph Vighi da Rosa
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil Favorite track: Runaway.
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We are extremely lucky to know so many talented, thoughtful artists, many who have made their own marks on this album. Thank you to everyone involved in this record for your creative contributions, and to all family; old friends; new friends; and the internet, for your constant support. xx


released March 31, 2017

All songs composed and written by Olivia Price & Rashmit Arora

Sebastian Goodridge: Drums on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8; glockenspiel, vibraphone, crotales on track 4; harpophone, chimes on track 8
Nicole Schaefer: Keys on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8
Jesse Wisch: Electric bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8
Mike Klucker: Cello on tracks 3, 4, 7, and 8
Ian Adams: Flugelhorn on tracks 1, 6, 8
Tim Mayo: Drums on track 7
Otto Kuehrmann: Electric bass on track 7
Aly Martin: Violin on tracks 3 and 4
Jack McLoughlin: Pedal steel on track 3
Prakhar Chanauria: Tabla on track 6

Artwork by Sofi Skidgel
Graphic design by Joe War

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Rashmit Arora
Mastered by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA




Sea Offs Pennsylvania

Dream folks from the hills & valleys of Pennsylvania, USA

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Track Name: Runaway
I am not your runaway
I am not your runaway
Just a vagrant of this fate
But I am not your runaway
I have fallen in a peace I never wanted
I have chosen to burn the weight of systemic shame

Just to be undermined
And you wanna know if it’s right
Clear as snow in July
And you wanna know if it’s right

(I see clearly)
(The words are misty)
To bear the weightless, the shameless, the blameless, the names
I rest my case; no abusive ways

Just to be undermined
And you wanna know if it’s right
Clear as snow in July
Still you claim to show that you’ve tried
Track Name: Occhiolism
When did my voice get annoying?
Unnecessary apologizing may be exploiting
All the progress I have made
Turning off my crowded brain

Purifying, glorifying strangers
This occhiolism, I admit,
Is my recurring tick
A defense for thinning skin
And expressing permanence
For my fleeting relevance
And my aging patience
In my sexual nervousness
And in my feigned consciousness
COndemnations pouring in

If you leave her, then you leave me
I’ll forgive you when you forget me
‘Cause what’s the point?
Track Name: Strawberry
Nothing can be simple for once
How long did we wait for the want?
Caused another problem instead
Never said you were not human

But you don’t make sense, my love
You’ve enough to blame, then some
Can you get my wine?

Break another bone off your spine
Judge another misspoken line
Caused another problem again
Never claimed to be so human

But you don’t make sense, my love
You’ve enough to blame, then some
I can tell you’re quite undone
You don’t make sense, my love

I want, I came to be
My own body led me right
You’re a strawberry
I’m a strong lady
I want nothing more
I’m a strawberry
I’m a strong lady
I want nothing but....
Lay me down
Track Name: A Leap Too Tall
Bewildered, I stand small
A universe hurt by a leap too tall

The end nears, it disappears, it reappears
It chases the full stop
We run and run and run,
Too blind to see we were already caught

The fire burns
but your hands stay on the flame
The preacher yearns
His eyes clouded by haze

Tainted glass on the sidewalk
A bridge and a path, both in lonesome
Jaded, I see the grim past
Faded I fear, the aftermath

So could you leave a page or two in my name
List all the faults for which I was to blame

There's tainted glass on my wooden floor and my seldom seen heart
A bridge and a path, both to lonesome
Jaded, I see, the grim past
Faded, I breathe

It will remain untold
The honest will have no home
We are lying through our teeth
It's what the bearded man taught me

The matter is not two fold
My stories will grow old
The children will laugh in glee
It’s where the earnest man sent me
Track Name: Joshua
You are a ghost inside
An attic I left behind
Poison that tastes like wine
I made up my mind

You were a bad disguise
Of something I tried to hide
Battle wound of a time
That I made up my mind
Track Name: Unfound
Vaade tod diye // promises were broken
Hum bojh ban gaye // I became a burden
Sapne cheen liye // dreams were stolen
Hum bojh reh gaye // I remained a burden

Waiting at the bus stop
Plagued by absent speech
A matter of semantics
Haunting me
Always in exile
To all the subtleties
I voiced a feeling too strong for me

You were my abandoned
I let you down
I was your exception for waiting around
We were too present in worlds that were unfound
We were too profound

Holding to a memory
Of a form of me who never did
Leave you wanting more and more each time

You were my abandoned
I let you down
I was your exception for waiting around
You were too present
I couldn’t make a sound
Your heart was too loud
And I was too unsound
Track Name: The Pining
Safe and waiting for the dawn
Late and pining for a way out
My body was yours to keep
My body was yours to leave behind
Falling, falling down
Wanting to be sound
Falling, falling down
Wanting to be with you